What do we believe?

About us

We are RASCI-method© specialists and stimulate organizations in process-oriented thinking and working:

  • We build upon Rijnland principles in which craftmanship, trust and connection are central.
  • We combine our expertise in risk management, process management and improvement management.
  • By giving employees a key role in implementing change, we achieve this from within.

In this way we activate the collective intelligence and inspire people to do what is required.

Our philosophy

We believe that there is more potential in every organization and with the right people at the table you can achieve whatever you want.
Based on our years of experience with change processes, we have developed and continuously refined a unique RASCI method©.
We facilitate organizations with the desired change and provide training and advice.


With the right people at the table,
you can achieve whatever you want!


What is the context your organization operates in? What opportunities are there to take and what threats do you have? What is the probability of opportunities that can occur and which risks have the biggest impact on your organization? We will be happy to help you systematically handle both opportunities and threats and how to manage processes accordingly.

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What does your business model actually look like? What processes does your organization have and how exactly are they linked? Who plays an important role and what responsibilities does everyone have? This is at the heart of your organization, and exactly where the RASCI method© is at its best. We will be happy to help you work smarter together and at the same time map your processes and responsibilities.

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Where can your processes be improved and what are the priorities? What are the dependencies and how do you implement complex changes in the organization? That is our specialty where systematic appraoch, experience and engagement are keywords. We help you to systematicly map, implement and control required changes.

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