Arno Schilders

Arno Schilders

Managing Directer & Business Consultant

I believe that people chine if you encourage them to do what they are good at. I am also convinced that successful entrepreneurship can be made easier and therefore I focus on Working Smarter Together in organizations and facilitating (groups) of people. My mechanical engineering background, technical business training and analytical ability are an important basis for this.  


I would like to share my 25 years of knowledge and experience as a Management Consultant (mostly B2B). After several years working as an internal consultant, I gained experience with various (international) profit organizations, for 7 years, I worked with a leading international agency as Lead Auditor, Consultant & Trainer, with hundreds of companies in various industries. I've also experienced how difficult employees often have with the bureaucratic management systems they need to work with. I was convinced that this could be organized a lot easier and with the RASCI-method© I was going to make that happen.


Since January 2000, I am active as an independent Management Consultant, Trainer & Facilitator, and focus on process improvements and everything that helps to get the best out of organizations. I like to work with pragmatic entrepreneurs in SMEs because that involves all aspects of organization and because I like the fast switch and respond to changing (market) conditions.  


I always look for the "bracket", the underlying reason for tackling a particular theme. That's what we'll start with, and if that works, we'll go on.


The RASCI-method© helps to do this in a way everybody understands.

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Getting the best from organizations, that's where my passion goes. I like to do this a little different than most people are used to, surprise and refresh rather than repeat. I also believe that people will become creative and inspired by this. To develop their talent even further.

Arno Schilders RASCI-methode© Managing Directer & Business Consultant