Implementation ISO 9001: 2015 difficult?

25 January 2017 posted by Arno Schilders ISO 9001:2015

The last few weeks, we get a growing ammount of requests for support in adapting Management Systems. This is because of the requirements of the new ISO standards (ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015) and the deadline for adaptation of September 2018. Apparently, it is getting really close and it's not easy to meet new requirements, despite the attention given to it through various congresses and trainings. But how hard is it really?


We can't make it more fun, but we can make it easier!


Of course, I do not want to trivialize the new requirements but it should actually become easier, right? Indeed, the requirements for documented information are reduced. Or in plain Englisch: the previously mandatory procedures are no longer mandatory and the requirements regarding documentation are also softened. You can make choices based on opportunities and threats. So, please don't forget to specify the opportunities, otherwise we'll be back in the stress of threats. 


The Golden Triangle: Risk Management - Process Management - Continuous Improvement.


From the RASCI-Method, we have a clear vision on how to impart the golden triangle of: Risk Management - Process Management - Continuous Improvement. Driven from the strategic choices of the organization, we connect these three core processes and meet the additional requirements. Depending on how far you have been involved as an organization so far, the impact for your organization can even be a big deal. A smart set-up of the organization's context and proper integration into the periodic review by management makes the picture complete and insightful for the external auditor.


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