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Working Smarter Together

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We believe there is more potential in every organization and that you can achieve anything when you involve the right people. Based upon many years of experience with organizational change, we have developed and refined a unique RASCI-method©. We facilitate organizations with the desired change and provide training and advice to help to achieve their ambition.

With the right people at the table, you can achieve whatever you want!

Management Consultancy

If you are looking for an experienced consultant that helps you apply the RASCI-method© in your organization. We have the most experienced specialists who can help you work smarter together.

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If you want to learn how to powerfully map processes and responsibilities together. We train your people, individually and in groups, to describe processes according to the RASCI-method©.

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If you are looking for state of the art software that is fully based on the RASCI-method©. We would like to advise you on the possibilities and show you how it works in practice. Click HERE for an overview.

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What stroke me was how quickly we could get to a result. In principle, you can describe a process in only 3 sessions. According to the 3-2-1 method. That's faster than the other way we used to do it.

Martin van den Brink

Veolia Water Technologies Techno Center Netherlands

Customer case

By means of the RASCI-method©, we managed to integrate 3 different companies into one uniform process in a relatively short period of time. We now also have one proposition to the customer. We are therefore very proud of the transition we have made.

Barry Boertje


Customer case

What I think is strong that there is an underlying plan to go through the process. I noticed that Arno has a clear vision of the process that is being pursued to succeed and I am pleased with that.


Bart Simmelink


Customer case

What I liked at the workshop is that you create clarity about the departments and that responsibility is placed with the right people so that they feel responsible.

Quinten van Tuijl


Customer case

I think this is a must for any organization that is already working with RASCI, to make people understand the basics and get started. I particularly find the exercise of "Booking holidays" of great value for translating theory into practice. We actually use this basic course as a standard for onboarding new employees.

Jimmy Grosemans

Eduard's Trailer Factory

Customer case

When I became a worldwide Business Unit director I thought of how to simply put it on paper and then I remembered Arno from the past. I visit a lot of big companies and its actualy surprising that such a strong and simple method is not well known in the world. There are so many other companies that could benefit of this.

Lammert de Boer

MacDermid Alpha Automotive

Customer case

Arno's compact way of describing processes helped us to motivate. He realized that we could also keep it simple. Within a short period of time, the noses were on the same side and we could go well for ISO 9001, for which we have recently been certified.

Maarten Delforge


Customer case

I can highly recommend the RASCI method©. It's a simple way to make your organization work in a more professional way. So if I had to give a grade, I'll give it a 9 or 10.

Frank Bosman

Damen Dredging

Customer case

Our quality manual was described narratively; thanks to this project, our processes are optimized, short and to the point and we demonstrably meet certification requirements.

Sander Boutestein

European Bulk Services (EBS)

Customer case

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