The power of simplicity 1 December 2020 posted by Arno Schilders workshops RASCI RASCI-model KISS   The RASCI-method© for me is like the Post-It under the process management tools. But what are the similarities between that yellow sticker and this crisp method?   For me, Post-Its and the RASCI-method© have the following advantages in common: They are... Read more Role process owner? 1 June 2017 posted by Arno Schilders workshops Process owner When defining processes, we like to work with a so-called "process owner", but who is this and what should this person do? I would like to give more clarity in this article.   We believe that with the right people at the table, you can achieve anything.   There is a... Read more Can I introduce you? 18 October 2021 posted by Arno Schilders advies News New addition Luc Spiegels who will join our team as an Organizational Consultant.   Welcome to the club Luc Spiegels, nice to have you there as an experienced process thinker and professional partner at the RASCI Method B.V.   Read more about his backgrounds on this... Read more How do you get everyone involved? 4 May 2021 posted by Arno Schilders advies Organize horizontally Responsibilities Frameworks The responsibility for having a (certified) management system often lies with the quality department, SHEQ, QESSH or a similar staff department. Of course we know that this is a management responsibility and that those involved should do this themselves. But how do you get the... Read more DMS or BMS? A world of difference! 11 June 2019 posted by Arno Schilders advies Business model Organize horizontally Do you have a Document Management System (DMS) or a Business Management System (BMS)? And do you also know the difference between them? Well, I can tell you that in practice that difference is very large. In this blog I explain the differences and what it can mean for your... Read more Future-proof Management system at DSM Coating Resins 27 September 2018 posted by Arno Schilders advies News Today we proudly reflected on a wonderful result. Read the story of DSM Coating Resins in Waalwijk on our customer page in the detailed case.   How we converted their existing manuals for quality, safety and environment into a new integrated and completely digital... Read more